Santa Marta, Gateway to Adventure on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia

Santa Marta and the surrounding area is a destination of great vacations and adventure. Welcome to a world that still offers unique and one of a kind experiences at ordinary people prices. After a vacation here you will have many stories to tell your friends back home

With internet access, an inexpensive transit system, donkeys sharing the road with local traffic and vendors selling fruits and vegetables on the street you will see it's different than you expected and better.

Much of the high cost of travel are not local area costs but domination by large companies and low competition. Around this region though you will be amazed at how far your dollar goes.

Area Highlights

  • Tropical Caribbean Beaches.

  • Warm waters (swim all year).

  • Worlds highest coastal mountain range at nearly 19,000 feet.

  • "The Lost City" of Ciudad Perdida (Teyuna).

  • Climate, Average yearly tempeture around 82˚F (28˚C),

  • No Hurricanes, located outside the Caribbean hurricane belt.

  • National Geographic Explorer Magazine, Top Mountain Destination in the World 2008. (Colombia).

El Rodadero, Beach View Caribbean Shoreline, Early Morning.
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UNESCO: United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • 2 UNESCO Biosphere reserves, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Ciénaga Grande
  • 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within 150 miles, Cartagena and Santa Cruz de Mompox.

  • 1 UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, within 60 miles. Carnaval de Barranquilla (Barranquilla's Carnaval)

Colombia 10% of Colombia's surface area is designated as parkland.

View 628 bird varieties that have been spotted in this area (about the same as the United States and Canada combined) Colombia has over 1800 bird varieties in total, highest number of any country in the world.

Observe 120 animal species including giant anteaters, monkeys, jaguars, pumas, peccaries to name a few.

Identify unique species of plants and animals, found nowhere else on the planet.

Enjoy restaurants, tropical fruits and vegetables

Do music, dance, sunbathe, swim, snorkel, scuba dive, hike, fish, camp, bird watch, ant watch

Tayrona Park on the Caribbean Coast is undeveloped and shoudn't be missed, trails take you to the beaches or you can get there by boat, you can sail through the same waters as Christopher Columbus and later Francis Drake in 1596 where he destroyed Santa Marta and a few other coastal towns.

Seven Waves Beach (Playa Siete Olas) Tayrona Park alt text

New international marina, downtown Santa Marta, 256 slips, now completed.

Ruta del Sol A new highway route connecting Bogota to the Caribbean Coast ending 23 km south of Santa Marta.

Tour the oldest city in Colombia founded in 1525 plus surrounding towns and historical locations.

Festivals that always go on late into the night at perfect evening temperatures.

Great day trips from the city where you can return at the end of the day for some evening fun.

There are good hotels, apartments are inexpensive to rent if you choose to stay awhile, many owners of these apartments are from the major cities of Bogota, Cali and Medellin who have an apartment in the area and want to rent it out for some of the year.

Experience the South American spirit that's contagious.

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Lodging by Location
Lodging in Santa Marta can span 40 miles (65 Km) along the Caribbean coast, choose your best locations with references to Google satellite maps .
Beach Hotels
Guide to Beach Hotels located along the coast of Santa Marta, Colombia with Google satellite maps.
Cheap Hotel Rooms, Inexpensive But Just Blocks From The Beach
Cheap hotel rooms are not hard to find in Santa Marta, great hotel rates close to the beach and far from everyday life.
Cheap beds and low cost apartments in Santa Marta make for good times.
Cheap beds and apartments are available in Santa Marta for low dollars due to low prices of houses, everyone wins except real estate speculators.
Become an expat in Santa Marta, Colombia, multiply your income by 5.
An Expat living in Santa Marta, Colombia, living costs have dropped by a factor of 5 and the 5 day weather forecast is always sunny.
Authentic Caribbean Restaurants at Fast Food Prices
Authentic Caribbean restaurants in Santa Marta, Colombia, no mystery meat with fries or factory recalls, enjoy traditional Caribbean coastal food at Fast Food prices.
Cheap Airfare To Santa Marta, South America For Hundreds, Not Thousands.
A cheap airfare to Santa Marta is a good way to start a great Caribbean adventure, here are few discount travel options that will get you to South America
Enjoy weather from tropical to snow in 30 miles.
Weather in Santa Marta can cover all of the seasons in less than 30 miles (48 kilometres), don't wait, just walk to the next season.
Santa Marta Geography, unique features make this region special
Unique geography of the Santa Marta Region has given it warm tropical waters and snow capped mountains, beautiful natural settings to enjoy undeveloped parks and beaches.
Adventure Travel For All Ages in Beautiful Santa Marta
Santa Marta is an ideal spot for adventure travel with mountains, beaches, history, combined with low costs and friendly people,.
The beaches of Santa Marta, Colombia, natural tropical beauty complimenting warm winds and waters.
El Rodadero has a Downtown Beach Among the Colombian Coasts Best.
El Rodadero gives you a feeling of ecotourism right downtown, with a great beach, warm sun all year, food and drinks sold on the beach. and inexpensive hotels a short walk away.
Travel Advice for Santa Marta, Safe Travel with a Little Planning.
Travel Advice for Santa Marta, Colombia. Visions of beauty and ecology, along with those of drug trafficking, the FARC and the ELN, find out why the caribbean coast is safe.
FARC, ELN and AUC, Down But Not Out In The New Chapter of Colombia
FARC, AUC, ELN, Colombia's past is not Colombia's present, travel to Santa Marta is as safe as other Latin American countries, this is why.
Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Holland America and More Now Cruise into Santa Marta
Cruise into the new and improved Santa Marta with Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Holland America, Pullmantours, and many others see it's famous great outdoors.
Santa Marta, hot local weather, varies with elevation, all natural foods grown.
Local weather in Santa Marta produces exotic fruits and vegetables, low tech production methods ensures a Frankenfood free zone.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, one of the greatest living Spanish Novelists
Aracataca, birthplace of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, a great daytrip while in Santa Marta.
By chivas, cabs, buses or mototaxis, travel around Santa Marta is fun and easy.
Travel around Santa Marta either by chivas, taxi, or bus is always an adventure.
Birdwatching , see greater varieties of more birds than just about anywhere.
Birdwatching around Santa Marta, you don't have to be a bird expert, you'll just
Simon Bolivar, "The Great Liberator" spent his last days here.
Simon Bolivar is a great hero of much of South America who helped lead the drive for independence from Spain, Quinta San Pedro Alejandrino is where he died in 1830.
Colombian Music and Dance, Reggaeton, Vallenato, Cumbia, Salsa and more.
Reggaeton, Vallenato, Cumbia, you'll understand these words well by the time you leave Santa Marta.
Area Landforms Give Minca Unique Climate and Biodiversity.
Landforms around Minca contribute to a cooler climate causing great local biodiversity with unique and rare species found only in the Minca region.
Tayrona Park's travel destinations, jungles, beaches and ancient ruins.
When choosing travel destinations around Santa Marta, Tayrona park is a great choice and a must see, quiet, great swimming , warm waters and many outstanding little beaches.
Folklore Based Festivals Makes for Music, Dance and Parties All Year.
Folklore and traditions play an important part in Caribbean coastal life. There is always some festival that they are either preparing for or cleaning up from so come and join the fun.
Andes Mountains, Deserts, Jungles, Savanna, Steppe, Rain forests, it's all here.
The Andes mountains are one part of Colombia's diverse geography, from plains to rain forests to deserts to snow in the mountains, you get it all, the seasons change with altitude instead of time.
Travel Information To Santa Marta Offers Some Easy Tips For A Happy Trip
Travel Information to help you plan your trip to Santa Marta, Colombia
The Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta Presents To You Old Fashioned Fun And Adventure
The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta offers months of exploration with 6500 square miles of fun and adventure, geography, history and biodiversity surprisingly close to the city.
Plane Tickets To Cartagena Will Give You Adventurous Stories To Tell Your Friend
Plane Tickets For A Southern Destination Is Good, Cartagena Means You Have A True Spirit For Adventure With History and Architecture, Great Food, Sun and Beaches.
Santa Marta climate data, implies green and prolific, a city built in nature.
The climate data Santa Marta is an indicator of green space and luxuriant growth. Hot but with enough tropical storms to keep plants and trees growing throughout the year.
Pirates And Caribbean Go Together And Found Along The Spanish Main
Pirates used to sail the Spanish Main around Santa Marta for good reason, all of the gold coming out of the fortress in Cartagena.
Hispanic History And Culture Moves To A Latin Beat
The hispanic settlement of Santa Marta, founded in 1525 has evolved along different lines from North America, work to live not live to work.
Mopeds, Canoes, A Walk Or A Swim, Sports Are Popular in Santa Marta
Kayaks, canoes, mopeds, bicycles, there's plenty of ways to get excercise in the Santa Marta region, lots of great bodies because people are fit and slim, excercise and real food seem to be the keys.
Aerial Maps Around Santa Marta Illustrate Unique Travel Destinations
Aerial Maps Of The Region Of Santa Marta Can Help You To Understand It's Unique Landforms And Why There Is Such Diversity of Wildlife, Climate and Areas Still Relatively Untouched.
A 5 Day Weather Forecast For Santa Marta Show A Very Consistent Pattern
A 5 day weather forecast for the Santa Marta region gives a good idea of the typical weather you will find throughout the year, a variation warm to hot, sunny with the occasional thunderstorm.
Shakira, Fernando Botero, Gabriel Garcia Marques, Juan Pablo Montoya Are Famous
Shakira is one of a few Colombians that have done well internationally, some of the others are Artist/Sculpture Fernando Botero, Musicians Carlos Vives and Juanes, Race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya
Caribbean History Along The Colombian Coastline Of South America
Caribbean history on Colombia's coast is about gold, pirates, wars of independence, settlements in the 15th century, a history is still alive and waiting to be explored.
Santa Marta, Colombis World Atlas Facts And Figures About This Special Region.
World Atlas of Santa Marta introduces facts and figures about this northern Caribbean coastal area. Worlds highest coastal mountain range, major location for unique plants, animals, birds.
Santa Marta Newspaper Articles And Magazine Reviews, What Others Say.
Santa Marta is a great place to visit but what do others say who have been there, here are some newspaper articles and magazine reviews that dig up the dirt.
Preventing Malaria is easy when travelling to Santa Marta
Malaria in Santa Marta is very rare, I have never heard of anyone getting the disease. A few preventive measures will get you on your way to a safe and healthy holiday with no worries.
Budget travel around Santa Marta and throughout Colombia
Budget travel is always a joy when you are able to travel around the country without paying much money, especially in Colombia where you have everything on the extreme scale.
A great early retirement is possible In Santa Marta, Colombia, here’s why.
Early retirement is the dream of many people, still young enough to begin a new life, the combination of tropical climate, spectacular location and low cost of living make it possible in Santa Marta.
Outstanding Outdoor Recreation, From Tropical To Snow. In Sunny Santa Marta.
The outdoor recreation in the Santa Marta region is simply outstanding, the range of environments, from tropical to permanent snow is due to a few unique factors found in few other places.
The Beach Party At El Rodadero, What Do You Take? Just A Smile.
A beach party is easy to prepare for, beach clothes and sandals. Parties have been going on for centuries and is an intregal part of life that takes a North American some getting used to, psychiatris
Santa Marta’s Dog Friendly Beaches, Life As It Should Be Lived.
The dog friendly beaches of Santa Marta and El Rodadero allow your dog to take you to the beach , both unleashed, you can both enjoy a swim in the Caribbean and hang out together.
Coffee Brewing At It’s Best With The Beans From Just Down The Road.
Coffee brewing in Colombia is about enjoying the great Colombian coffee flavors of Colombia, with it’s all year summer and spectacular scenery, the coffee tastes even better.
The Low Cost of food Gives You Another Break In Your Living Costs.
The cost of food is another advantage of living in Santa Marta, knowing that you can do everything for less, eating well is another one with food prices substancially lower.
Bus Companies Operating Out Of Santa Marta Are Reliable And Convenient.
The bus companies traveling to and from Santa Marta are the most popular way to travel, small to large, air conditioned, some with two washrooms for both male and female passengers.
The Staple Foods Of Santa Marta Are Local, Fresh With Great Selection.
The staple foods of the tropical Santa Marta region offer a wide variety of fresh locally grown produce from just down the street, low prices and great quality make it a pleasure to grocery shop.